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(vegan) chocolate cake filled with mocha buttercream, topped with ganache!

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

chainring_ssMy good friend Josh is a bike messenger here in Austin. No, I mean an ACTUAL bike messenger…not just a kid with a fixed gear and a fancy bag. OK, ok…that’s not nice. well anyway…i realized it was his birthday about 4 hours before i had to go to work yesterday. SO…i quickly whipped up this cake for him…since i like to give people cakes at midnight on their birthday and make the bar sing to them. it’s kind of what we do.

Chain Ring Cake: (vegan) chocolate, filled with mocha buttercream, topped with ganacheAnyway…the cake is a two layer vegan chocolate cake. In between the layers is mocha buttercream, which is ridiculously good. Then i made some ganache for the top and poured it over the entire cake!

***note: you can NEVER go wrong with ganache. mmm…

then i made the chain ring stencil, and sifted powdered sugar onto the top. Here is what i learned: this doesn’t work as well with a cake covered in ganache as it does with an unfrosted cake… so the sugar melted a little into the chocolate. Either way, the point came across, the cake was delicious, and Josh seemed to have a good birthday night.

that’s all you can really ask for anyway.

oooh, in other news!!!…
last night my new friend alexis brought me some cupcakes she had made. there were two types: chocolate mint and a coconut almond. both delicious…
but the coconut almond might have been one of my favorite cupcakes ever! and you know how many treats i consume at least a bite of!
it was pretty dense and not overly sweet, and the frosting had just a slight hint of coconut and then there were toasted almond slivers on top. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. yummmm…..
so yeah…shout out to alexis…she rules, and makes a damn good cupcake!

The Final Product: Vegan Petite Fours

Monday, January 14th, 2008

(vegan) petite fours for annie's baby shower

If you’ve been following along, then you know that I’ve been trying to perfect Vegan Petite Fours for my awesome friend Annie’s baby shower. Yesterday was the baby shower tea party, and it was GREAT. a million tiny snacks, and tiny desserts, most of which were also vegan!

(vegan) petite fours for annie's baby showerThe yellow cakes were a recipe borrowed from
, which she also borrowed from someone. It is a lemon genoise cake layered with raspberry preserves. Really great recipe…i highly recommend it!

The lavender cakes are chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream frosting. MMmmm…

and the poured fondant that i used was actually a veganized butter glaze, which i think i posted a link to in a previous posting!

(vegan) mini Dulce sin leche cupcakes with earl grey butter cream
I also made mini Dulce Sin Leche cupcakes (from Vegan Cupcakes take over the world)and topped them with earl grey buttercream that i made. delish!

The cakes turned out awesome, and Annie loved them. I was glad about that, since i’d been stressing about them for a while. Petite Fours certainly ARE a ton of work. but in the end, they look really pretty, and taste really good. So, i suppose it was all worth it. Especially for the baby shower tea party of such a rad lady!

Petite Fours are everywhere…

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Check out
this week for an extensive and awesome guide to petite fours!
Sunday is the baby shower (tea party)…which is the entire reason i’ve been making petite fours all along.
i’m also going to make some mini cupcakes, although i havent’ decided what kind yet.

Anyway…I have already crafted my fondant flowers, and they are CUTE! check back in a few days for a post!