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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Well, sxsw is over. I made it through another one. Which means there is now time for things like baking again.

I’m not going to say much, but I will post some stuff that I’ve done lately, which is now the trend on this much neglected blog of mine.

This is what I look like whilst making these delicious treats:

This is what I look like most of the time!

Valentine’s day cupcakes. Made for Rebecca, since I love her, and she loves my cupcakes.

Valentine's Cupcakes for rebecca

Sock Monkey Cupcakes for someone’s baby shower (i convinced them to let me make them vegan, but i did end up using m-n-m’s for the eyes:

Sock Monkey babyshower cupcakes

Here are some very very naughty one’s that I made yesterday for someone’s bachelorette party. Who knew I was SO good at sculpting female genitalia? haha….

Bachelorette party, naughty cupcakes!

bachelorette party, naughty cupcakes

and finally, here is a cake that Billie made (with some help from me with regards to the assembly and decorating of it) for her boyfriend, which is the Peach Melba Cake from Hannah’s, My Sweet Vegan. I can’t say how it turned out yet, because the b-day potluck is tonight. Looks pretty delicious though, doesn’t it?

Hannah's Peach Melba Cake

And so concludes my post. I wish I had more time to update with more regularity. But I’m a busy girl and have been forgetting to photograph!

Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the upcoming spring season.