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metal wedding! etc…

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Random cake from a couple weeks ago. I love chocolate pieces, and will soon be getting some transfers to make them prettier…

Haven’t posted in a while. Went to the best wedding ever, in Philly on Halloween. One of my very best friends Sam got married to the most wonderful lady ever, ErinMichelle. I was in her wedding party. It was a very METAL wedding. Amazing.
Then a trip to nyc. Super psyched. Will probably move there at some point in the next year or so.

I’ve been baking some, but nothing really spectacular enough to post. Alot of times it’s the same stuff over and over. Which, of course, I enjoy, but it’s nothing to write home (or blog) about.

The other day I got rear-ended in my car. Pretty bad. It was a hit and run, and the obviously insane driver just hit me super hard then kept driving. I have no idea how he could have done that (either physically, or morally). Anyway…I’m fine, just a little banged up and stiff/achey. Nothing like a little whiplash to keep you on your toes, eh? But whatever, I’m alive, car will get fixed via my insurance. and maybe they will even find the jerk who did it (not likely).

Hope everyone in blogland is well and had as fabulous a Halloween as I did!