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And if ya’ don’t know…now ya’ know…

Monday, June 13th, 2011

If there is ever any question about WHY I do what I do (besides loving it, and amazing amounts of fun!), instruct me to re-read this email!

Dear Meghan,

I’m (A.P.’s) wife; you’ve been busy baking for us recently, I just came to find out. I am turning 30 on Sunday and was feeling sad for myself, thinking I wouldn’t even be able to eat decent cake on my birthday. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned something to Andy along the lines of, “Sure, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, citrus free, chocolate free cake is awesome. Awesome like sand.”

Today, I opened the fridge (Andy had gotten home first) and saw your beautiful works of art on the shelf. I had had a rough day and this seriously gave me the biggest smile I’d had all day. I was hesitant and asked Andy what the ingredients were. I almost couldn’t believe it — safe for my son and safe for me!

My husband can attest to this…I literally was in tears…actually, I was close to sobbing because the cupcake you made was so amazingly delicious and so much better than anything I could have possibly dreamed of. No more tears now, just huge smiles and cupcake eating, but the initial effect was so overwhelming. You have an amazing gift!

I have not had good cake, cookies, etc. in a few years due to my son’s severe anaphylactic allergies. We will definitely be contacting you in the future! We have two children, a three year old, and a 3 month old (who already shows signs of food allergies), and it brings me so much happiness when my food allergic son can have “normal” foods like the rest of his friends. I told my husband that we have to make sure you’re still doing this for a while in case they get married and need wedding cake! But again, we will most definitely be contacting you again before then.

Meghan, thank you so much for helping to make my birthday so memorable. You are a talented baker and artist! Thank you for what you do. I am part of the Austin Families with Food Allergies group, and I will definitely be mentioning you at the next meeting!



This is not only about carving out the future I want, it’s about making people happy who can’t just walk into the bakery on the corner and grab any old cookie or cake.

Sometimes change is good.

I hope the summer is going swimmingly for everyone. Sugar Tooth is having a great one so far!