Billie’s Birthday Cake

I asked Billie what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday this year. Vegan Yellow Cake with Chocolate (hint of mocha) frosting! She said she wanted something plain…
Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
And that is what she got.
I did, however, make the frosting chocolate MOCHA.
You know, just for a teeny bit of variation.
Anyway, I didn’t have all that much time for the decorating, so i kept it pretty simple.
A little fondant embellishment to add some color. Turned out alright in both looks and taste.

and of COURSE i was psyched to get to use my tiny cake pan for the little one on top!

OH…and of course I had to top it with the knife (a not-so-great replica of her favorite one, in fact) and a fork, since ALL she does is cook, eat, and (luckily for us) feed her friends!

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