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Last day of the Hobart Contest!

August 21st, 2011

As you know, we’ve been competing in a contest for one of several Hobart Mixers, given away by a site called Get Back To Scratch! First place is a 60 or 80 Quart Mixer, 2nd is a 12 Qt. and 3rd is a 5Qt. The contest has been going on for three months (in case you missed the rest of the summer), and at first we were eating, breathing, and sleeping CONTEST. The first prize IS a $30,000 mixer, after all; a piece of equipment Sugar Tooth may never be able to afford.

As a one-woman (mostly) show, it got to be a lot of work to promote and harass my customers and friends daily, as well as to obsess over the contest. I don’t have the money (nor does Sugar Tooth itself) to give away products all the time as an incentive to get people to vote. Nor would I feel comfortable doing so. If I win anything at all in life, I want it to be because my products are amazing, my customers support me, and because I worked super hard for it. (Which is NOT to imply that give-aways or other incentives necessarily implies the opposite of any of those for someone else. It is merely my personal philosophy). Paying the $5-$7k in taxes on the first place prize would also be a feat in itself.

SO….I backed off a little. But even if I win SOMEthing, (last I saw, I was still in 2nd place for the majority of the contest), I will be elated. For a teeny business, who doesn’t even have it’s very own storefront yet, to be competitive in a contest like this is reward enough. It’s a reminder of what I have created with the help of all of you. And of where I’m heading with Sugar Tooth. Which regardless of any contest in the world, is the most important thing to me.

The Get Back to Scratch Movement is also very important to me. Using ingredients I feel good about, and knowing EXACTLY what is in each of my products is of paramount importance to me. I don’t use preservatives, I don’t use ingredients I can’t pronounce, and nothing is partially made when it gets to the bakery. It is all made from scratch, using high quality animal-free ingredients, with more love than you can shake a stick at. And that’s the way it will remain! I’m excited to keep growing, and excited to one day have a space which is ALL mine, to share with you and make into a place you love to be (not just when you’re craving sugar!). I’m excited for the prospect of bringing someone amazing on to help me, and excited to expand product-lines someday! The future is open wide. Yes.

But I digress….Thanks so very much for all of your support, and thanks to Get Back to Scratch and Hobart for giving us (all of the participants) this opportunity! If the contest goes the way I think it will, I am glad that the winner will NOT be a huge corporate bakery, but another company (bigger than Sugar Tooth, but still a small, locally run and owned business in their town) with similar ethics about business. Someone who also wouldn’t be able to buy a SHINY NEW Cadillac of mixers, so who will really be grateful and deserving of the prize, and who will put it to great use!

The winners will be announced Tuesday, September 6th! Can’t wait to find out how it goes! (Stay tuned!)

Hope you’re all having an amazing Summer. In Texas, we’re having insane weather, in the 100′s for weeks, and looking forward to Autumn. (My very very favorite).

Sugar Tooth Bakery
Austin, Texas


Vagina ‘Zine Interview

August 15th, 2011

“With its quarterly publications, Vagina (‘zine) provides a space for female contributors to share their creative work with the public. The zine features a unique variety of opinions, passions, and observations from our contributors.”.

This really cool online ‘zine contacted me a few months ago for an interview. It’s a really cool place to read about what other women are doing, while reading some very well-written articles!

I interviewed with Amira Jensen, Food Editor. She was really friendly, organized, and lovely, AND she wrote a great article about Sugar Tooth. I’m very grateful that they asked me to interview, and happy to be a part of what they’re doing, which is super cool.

Here it is….Sugar Tooth Loves Vagina. ;)

SO…go read the Interview. Then read their older articles. Then follow them and read whatever new articles they write!


Turning 30?

August 8th, 2011

Sugar Tooth was mentioned in a blog dedicated to How to throw an awesome 30th Birthday Party in Austin!
You should check out this cool blog, Home and Garden Ideas!

Throwing a 30th Birthday Party in Austin!

I’m turning 30 this year too, and trying to figure out exactly how to celebrate. Maybe I’ll be a big hippie and go camping! ONLY if this crazy heat breaks though. Yikes!

Stay Cool.


And if ya’ don’t know…now ya’ know…

June 13th, 2011

If there is ever any question about WHY I do what I do (besides loving it, and amazing amounts of fun!), instruct me to re-read this email!

Dear Meghan,

I’m (A.P.’s) wife; you’ve been busy baking for us recently, I just came to find out. I am turning 30 on Sunday and was feeling sad for myself, thinking I wouldn’t even be able to eat decent cake on my birthday. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned something to Andy along the lines of, “Sure, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, citrus free, chocolate free cake is awesome. Awesome like sand.”

Today, I opened the fridge (Andy had gotten home first) and saw your beautiful works of art on the shelf. I had had a rough day and this seriously gave me the biggest smile I’d had all day. I was hesitant and asked Andy what the ingredients were. I almost couldn’t believe it — safe for my son and safe for me!

My husband can attest to this…I literally was in tears…actually, I was close to sobbing because the cupcake you made was so amazingly delicious and so much better than anything I could have possibly dreamed of. No more tears now, just huge smiles and cupcake eating, but the initial effect was so overwhelming. You have an amazing gift!

I have not had good cake, cookies, etc. in a few years due to my son’s severe anaphylactic allergies. We will definitely be contacting you in the future! We have two children, a three year old, and a 3 month old (who already shows signs of food allergies), and it brings me so much happiness when my food allergic son can have “normal” foods like the rest of his friends. I told my husband that we have to make sure you’re still doing this for a while in case they get married and need wedding cake! But again, we will most definitely be contacting you again before then.

Meghan, thank you so much for helping to make my birthday so memorable. You are a talented baker and artist! Thank you for what you do. I am part of the Austin Families with Food Allergies group, and I will definitely be mentioning you at the next meeting!



This is not only about carving out the future I want, it’s about making people happy who can’t just walk into the bakery on the corner and grab any old cookie or cake.

Sometimes change is good.

I hope the summer is going swimmingly for everyone. Sugar Tooth is having a great one so far!



Dream lovin’…

May 25th, 2011

Well, as I’m sure you all know by now (sorry about all the posts and promotions, I know it’s slightly annoying), Sugar Tooth Bakery is competing in a contest on ***Get Back To Scratch*** for a DREAM MIXER. That’s a 60 or 80 Quart Hobart Mixer, worth more than everything I own total. You also know that Sugar Tooth is a vegan bakery, and that everything we make is made using the highest quality ingredients, organic where we can, and with more love than you can shake a stick at! You also probably know that Sugar Tooth is my dream.

First, here are some things you might not know about Sugar Tooth…
What you might not know is that I’ve been busting my tail for years now trying to make it happen. When you start with LITERALLY nothing, and go from there, every single step is a struggle. I say struggle, but although it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, it’s also the most amazing. I love it so much. I get to bake for weddings, children’s birthdays (kids who don’t usually get a delicious cake because they’re allergic, or have dietary restrictions.), and everything in between. And what I do ALWAYS puts a smile on someone’s face. Including my own, thankfully.

Every cent we make goes into the bank (and pays me nothing still…but someday soon I hope that will change). That’s why I still work at the bar! I am part of an awesome bakery collective at the Community Renaissance Market. There are 5 different companies in the same position Sugar Tooth is in…striving to have a space to call their own. It’s a great experience, and an awesome kitchen. It serves the purpose of allowing our little companies to keep our costs low, and grow, so that we may reach our goals. It also provides us all with a forum in which to learn from one another, collaborate and exist communally which is part of the DIY ethic I strive for.

And now…the contest. Basically, when I heard about this, I jumped at the chance. And I rarely enter into contests that force me to ask my customers and friends to help out, because I know that can get annoying and old, very quickly. Our collective has small mixers, but a huge one would be a dream come true. Literally. It is a piece of equipment that I would never be able to afford.

We are in close competition with another small bakery in another college town in Alabama. She makes beautiful cakes, and has been in business a long time, it seems. While she does have her own shop, and a larger mixer than we have, it seems that winning this contest would really benefit her place too. The third place contestant currently, is some obviously rich company in Oklahoma, who has been featured on Cupcake Wars. I’m sure they’re great as well, but I just don’t see them needing and benefitting from winning as much as Sugar Tooth, or our other competitor. So, for that reason, I’d love to win (of course), but even if we won second and Mary’s won first, I’d feel just fine about it. AND we’d still win a nice mixer (although much much smaller), so we couldn’t really complain!

So yeah, that’s it. Currently, every customer, friend, family member, member of the vegan community, and others are supporting us, and voting every single day. It is overwhelming to see the kind of support we’re having…a teeny business, trying to make it a reality. I sincerely appreciate every SINGLE vote, and every kind word, and every email of encouragement.

SO yeah, that’s the skinny of it…

Keep on voting once a day until the end of August, and if we win, there will be a Tiny Piney party, and everyone will be invited! HERE IS THE LINK (by request) to vote…
Thanks so much, and I hope you’re having a lovely day,

Meghan Krasnoff
Sugar Tooth Bakery
Austin, Texas