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Sugar Tooth T-shirts!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

These are extremely terrible photos and I sincerely apologize.

I’m in the process of arranging a photo shoot so you can see what they look like on real live humans!
Until then…here is a preview.

All shirts are American Apparel, and are available in a variety of sizes available in each design.
All Men’s t-shirts are in Black with the Metal Design on them, available in a variety of sizes.
Women’s tees come in STB LOGO design or Metal design. There are both Olive & Black colors, in a variety of sizes!

There are also Women’s tanks available in the Metal design on black, in a variety of sizes.

All shirts are $15, plus $5 shipping and handling for orders outside of Austin.

You can order these by emailing
Every order helps us get one step closer to our goal of opening a little shop someday. All support is appreciated more than you know!

Thanks, and I can’t wait for you all to represent!

PS: Thanks to Annie Mess for Logo Design, Noska for Metal Design, and Pork Chop Screen Printing for making it happen!

Bakery boxes that love our mother…

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

I just thought I’d add a post about bakery boxes.

While this isn’t exciting to most people, it is something that a business must think of.

I’m happy to say that our boxes are as environmentally friendly as you can get, while still being food-safe enough for our customers. The new cupcake boxes I just ordered are just like the ones I’ve always used, except that they have a window on top.  I hate plastic, and avoid it wherever I can. So while I wanted window boxes, I didn’t buy them before.

However, I found boxes where the window is made of cellulose. Cellulose is made from plant fiber, so it’s totally biodegradable, compostable and sustainably made. It’s a happy day when you get to buy a product that is aesthetically pleasing, AND aligns with your values.

Life is good in the bakery packaging world.

Just thought you should all know!

Have a beautiful day.


This is how much I love baking…

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

A few years ago, I bought the best reusable bags off a (what i thought was) random site. As it turns out, it was one of the best things ever, and I still have the bags and their sticker on my wallet.

As it turns out, Natalie, from Bake and Destroy works for them!

They are currently in the running for Green Business of the Year award. They are, as I said before, an awesome company and website. Totally worthy of the award..please go and vote for them!!!

About them:’s efforts have made a tremendous impact: as of 2009, they have empowered customers to reduce consumption of use-and-toss items by more than 750 million units. The company is also a member of 1% For the Planet and has donated more than $140,000 to environmental organizations. Plus, they conduct business so that it benefits people and the planet. For more info, visit their site at

And here is how to vote:

Green America’s People’s Choice Awards!

Thanks everyone! And have a lovely day.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

The busiest day of the week, if you bake treats for parties!

First, I would like to give a shout out to Melisser of The Urban Housewife. (She stopped by the bar I work at to say hello while she was in Austin.) It was lovely to meet you, lady, and hopefully next time we are in the same town I won’t be so darned busy! Hopefully Austin treated you right!

And the reason I didn’t hang out with her and the lovely Crystal of Vegan Explosion deliciousness, is because I was baking, of course. After a trip to NYC, where I ate delicious things and hung out with some of the best women around (for a friend’s bachelorette party), I was rejuvenated and ready to take care of biz.

Here is how my Saturday went:

Retro Cherry Tall Cake: a donation to an awesome organization called The Open Door Pre-school. They were having a super fun fund-raiser called “Cake, Rattle & Roll”, complete with a cake walk. SO…I donated one for the walk. It was vanilla cake layered with cherry, and topped with vanilla buttercream. I thought the retro look went well with their theme.

****disclaimer: I acknowledge that some vegans do not eat marachino cherries due to the Red #40 in them.****

Retro Cherry Tall Cake

Cupcakes for Sarah. Her’s were so good last week, she had to buy some for a friend. The drizzled ganache and just a kiss of Hazelnut chocolate buttercream took it down a notch, for someone who likes a little less sweetness in their treats.

Vanilla kissed with Hazelnut

And a small-tall Chocolate Raspberry Ganache covered cake for Annette! Luckily her family or friends wouldn’t allow her to make her own birthday cake (thank goodness!) so they ordered one from me! I took the liberty of personalizing it with a little topper, since she ordered it herself. I love making small tall cakes, they are my very favorite!

Chocolate Raspberry Covered in Ganache

Today is my friend Jamie’s Birthday. He has requested a (non-vegan) strawberry cheesecake. I made it, but at this point I can not yet say whether or not it turned out correctly. Unfamiliar territory, as I’ve only made one or two in my life. I’ll post on that at a later date, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s delicious.

My own birthday is a couple days away…i’m going to keep it low key, as always. But you know…if you want to buy me jewels or take me on world travels…that will be acceptable too. ;)