Holiday Cheer?

I can’t say I’m a person who is all that thrilled with holidays. That is not to say I’m a complete Scrooge. I’m just not that into it. I am, as we all know, into treats and sweets and delicious things. I also found myself with a craving for chocolate covered pretzels last week. SO…i decided to melt some chocolatey goodness and cover everything in it.

Holiday treats!

Chocolate with candy cane pieces, chocolate pecan (the ones from my backyard) clusters, peanut butter cups, my newest creation: peanut butter and JELLY cups, and finally the object of my desire…the chocolate covered pretzels. Some of it was dark chocolate (vegan) and some was milk chocolate.

all of it was very rich. and i really loved the peanut butter and jelly cups! who knew?

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